Authenticity Speech was Moving

"I wanted to thank you for coming to Illumina to speak about authentic leadership today. I really enjoyed listening to your talk about what authentic leadership is as well as some of the obstacles and challenges that people who try to practice authenticity face. I especially liked how you used examples from your own life, it made it very relatable and easy to reflect on my own internal dialogue."

Anonymous Illumina participant

Engaging Keynote

“What a delightful presentation last evening. I know how much work goes into something like this, and your delivery was flawless. I enjoyed your stories, the personal thread that was woven into the content, and of course all the offerings you provided to the group!”

Susan McKenna Penn, Executive Women's Network participant

Insightful Team Building

"Mel delivered on her promise to transform UC San Diego’s Center for Community Health, our team, and my life. Mel facilitated a three-hour StrengthFinder workshop for the faculty and staff (she even skyped one of our colleagues from Chile) which was highly rated by everyone who attended.  The only negative was that everyone wanted more time in the workshop (when is the last time you’ve heard that from employees?). I had the good fortune of having a one-on-one coaching session with Mel. Because of Mel’s coaching, I had greater clarity of those things I needed to do for myself in order to be a better leader, a better person."

Dr. Michelle Zive, Principal Investigator UCSD Center for Community Health

Powerful Executive Retreat

"I have a stellar team of tight knit executives who have made incredible achievements to make our hospital the best of the best.  Improving is a constant goal. Mel’s workshop at our executive retreat increased our self-understanding, brought insight into how we function from our strengths as a team, and shed light on our future challenges.  Learning our strengths will help us move toward the increased excellence we strive to reach."

Craig Castro, CEO Clovis Community Hospital

Excellent StrengthsFinder Debrief

"Mel's warmth and authenticity shone through from the first moment I met her!  I can definitely see the value that she would bring to working with senior leaders and corporate executives. Mel is able to thoroughly review your StrengthsFinder assessment results and immediately come up with actionable ideas for you to learn, develop and grow from. I was also impressed at her follow-through -- within moments of our session ending, my in-box was full of additional resources that we had talked about.  Mel definitely knows her stuff!" 

Sally M. Bankes, Director, Talent Development, Fluor Corporation