Mel Burt-Gracik has spent her 13 year career in Leadership Development.  

Flourish For You, LLC helps businesses increase their employee engagement by co-creating with them a work culture focused on the strengths of their greatest asset: their human capital.  Through Flourish Mel helps teams work well together by focusing on their natural talents and the workplace needs that accompany them.

Utilizing Gallup’s 12: The Elements of Great Managing, she helps supervisors learn and implement the skills top managers possess.  In addition to StrengthsFinder, Mel holds certifications in Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i & EQ360 by MultiHealth Systems.

Mel holds a B.A. in Communication, an M.A. in Higher Education Administration, and a Master of Divinity degree.  She has coached over 325 people from front line employees to the C-Suite and measures her success by the stories that exemplify growth from her clients.  When she isn’t working hard to build her business, you can find her hard at work cycling, swimming, or running in preparation for her next triathlon.


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Mel has spoken to and inspired audiences at

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